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Child Benefit Tax Charge

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3 November 2020

You may have been paying the tax charge known as the High Income Child Benefit  Charge if your income is over £50,000 and you or your partner get Child Benefit or someone else gets Child Benefit for a child living with you and they contribute at least an equal amount towards the child’s upkeep.

However, your income may have changed throughout 2020 ,especially if you have been furloughed or suffered loss of business due to the COVID crisis.

You will not have to pay the tax charge if your income for the whole of a tax year is less than £50,000.

You can choose to stop or restart your Child Benefit at any time. Use the Child Benefit Tax Calculator to get an estimate of your income changes to see if they may affect the tax charge.

You can restart your Child Benefit if you’ve previously stopped it because of the tax charge and you still qualify for tax benefit

Click here to find out how to restart your Child Benefit:


For any help with this you can email Shona Duncan or Andrew Laurie.

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