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By establishing excellent relationships with our clients and taking the time to understand their businesses, we provide a quality-led, risk-focused service which results in a constructive and challenging audit.

Hall Morrice uses company audits – a standard financial requirement - to work alongside clients and identify ways to optimise their business operations. An audit aims to examine the entire company financial situation, with emphasis on ensuring compliance.

Although an audit is a necessary process performed for shareholders or as part of a constitutional requirement, it also provides added value in that it gives us a snapshot of the company performance and its strengths and potential weaknesses.

During the audit process, we aim to get a greater understanding of our clients’ operations and culture. Hall Morrice believes that honest and open communication is a cornerstone of a solid client relationship, and this applies to the audit process too.

We aim to provide a quality-led, risk-focused service that results in a constructive and challenging audit. The result may not always be what the client wants to see, but tackling issues flagged up in the audit process will ensure the company performs at the highest possible level in future.

Hall Morrice does not see an audit as a simple box ticking exercise. We aim to ensure that clients emerge from the process, stronger, more efficient, and with a firm plan that plots their course to future success.

During an audit – which will always be undertaken during an agreed timeframe - our clients receive the support of a dedicated manager from our Aberdeen or Fraserburgh office who will guide them through the process and keep them abreast of any potential issues that require immediate attention.

We can provide two separate types of audit: