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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our graduate scheme and employment frequently asked questions.

I'd like to apply. What should I do?

We post all of our opportunities on this Careers section of our website. Click on the link called 'Current Vacancies' in the left hand menu. You'll be asked to fill in a standard application form available online.  

How will Hall Morrice keep in touch with me once I’ve applied?

We usually contact you by email, but if you prefer another method then please let us know. 

Is there a deadline for applications?

In some instances, we do have closing dates for applications, whereas other vacancies are open. Please check individual vacancy details for further information. 

I've submitted my application and now realise that I need to amend it. Can I do so and resubmit?

We’re happy to make any changes or amendments once you’ve submitted your application to us. If your circumstances change, whether it’s your address or phone number, just get in touch. 

There isn’t anything suitable at the moment. Can I submit my CV speculatively?

Of course you can. We’ll compare your skills and experience with our ongoing requirements and if something relevant is available we’ll be in touch. 

How easy is it to change disciplines within Hall Morrice?

In a word - very. We take your development seriously and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate individual preferences and strengths alongside the needs of the firm. 

Do you support further studies?

We provide full study support for relevant professional qualifications. 

If I've recently applied online, how long will it be until I hear from you about my application?

Once you’ve applied, we’ll be back in touch within 21 days. 

What's the format of the interview?

Typically, your first interview will be held with a senior member of our team. This will concentrate on your experience, attributes and professional goals. If you’re then shortlisted, a second interview will take place. This one will give you the opportunity to show your breadth of experience and demonstrate what you can do. More than that, it’s a chance to make sure that you like us as much as we like you. 

What can I expect during my first three months with Hall Morrice?

First of all, a full induction will help you to understand Hall Morrice. Your line manager will also discuss what we’re looking for from you. Prepare yourself for an active social calendar! 

Do you offer flexible working?

We will give full consideration to all requests for flexible working patterns. 

Will I get the chance to get involved in Business Development work?

Most definitely. We actively encourage our people to participate in a variety of business development activity. What shape that takes will depend on your preferences and abilities. 

Will I be put into a specialist sector group?

The vast majority of managers have a general portfolio of clients. Some have specialisms, but this is normally limited to a certain proportion of their overall client portfolio. If you’d like to ultimately move towards management and partnership, this experience can be invaluable. 

What if I want to transfer training contract from another accountancy firm to Hall Morrice?

The training contract is a legally binding contract and it is expected that the training organisation and the student to remain mutually committed to each other for its full duration. For genuine and acceptable reasons, a training contract may be transferred - but only with the consent of both parties.