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Employer Consulting Services

Taxation issues relating to employees can often cause an unnecessary burden, especially for businesses that do not have in-house accountancy expertise. We can offer advice on the day-to-day issues that arise for all employers, as well as more extensive guidance on challenging situations. This service is open to all clients, regardless of their size.

We recognise that attracting and retaining staff while controlling employment costs is a fine balancing act, and that constantly evolving legislation can also add a further layer of difficulty. We keep abreast of how changes in the law may impact our clients, and provide an early warning of a need to take new measures.

At both our Aberdeen and Fraserburgh offices, out employer consulting services include:

  • Development of a remuneration strategy to attract, retain and motivate employees
  • Implementation of share plans, bonus plans and other forms of remuneration that supports the business strategy
  • Writing and reviewing policies on pay, benefits and expenses, termination payments, engagement of consultants, while taking account of the tax and NIC and other regulatory rules
  • Supporting clients at all stages of enquiry visits by HMRC to check Payroll/NIC compliance including preparation for a review, conduct during it and negotiating settlements where claims for tax arise